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Welcome to NexLogic, provider of connectivity, bandwidth and Internet solutions. We have a lot of technical smart and passionate people spending most of their time in the company sharing their knowledge with others to come up with desirable solutions. We believe that we can be the driving force for "making fast and affordable Internet solutions available" everywhere in the Philippines.

Our mission is to connect people with the technical knowledge of people.

Our vision is to use every possible route to realise modern connectivity throughout the Philippines.

We provide consultancy for Government and Companies as to Internet solutions nation wide. We Provide TV Cable Operators Turnkey Internet solutions for their Subscribers including Sales and Marketing support.

We Build Telecommunications Infrastructure. We deliver Fiber, Coax, Bandwidth, Satellite, Radio, Wi-Fi connectivity solutions, VOIP, CRM and Monitoring software, Hosting solutions, Sales and Marketing, Project management and Consultancy.

  • 24/7

    Helpdesk, Network Monitoring and Onsite Support

  • Bandwidth

    Dedicated Internet Access, IP Transit


    International and Domestic Leased Line

  • Satellite

    VSAT Connectivity Solutions

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