Broadband Cable Internet Access via Cable TV Operator Partnerships

Residential Cable Internet

NexLogic provides turn-key Internet solutions to cable television operators nationwide. Cable TV broadband Internet subscribers are now enjoying broadband Internet access to their favorite social media sites, watching video streams or just simply making video calls to their love ones abroad.

NexLogic also provides cable TV operators the necessary business support to help grow and manage their business.

B2B Leased Line Solution and B2B Satellite Solution

Business Connect

Whatever your network requirements are, trust NexLogic to provide you with a range of cost-effective Dedicated Leased Line and VSAT network solutions. NexLogic offers connectivity via Domestic or International access, Virtual Private Network (VPN), Coax and/or Fiber connectivity. Our VSAT network solutions can even provide network service to normally isolated and remote areas or even provide your organization with critical Internet access during emergency situations.

B2B Dedicated and Shared Bandwidth Internet

Business Internet

Successful businesses and organizations partner with NexLogic to provide them with reliable and fast Internet access using a Dedicated Bandwidth Internet or a Shared Bandwidth Internet Connection. No challenge is too big or too small for our team of highly-skilled engineers. NexLogic can deliver customized network solutions for your organization, whether its Flexible, Burst, Value-added service, Redundant, Wi-Fi, etc.

24/7 Network Monitoring with Full-range of Business Support Solutions

Business Support

NexLogic is also a full-service technology solutions provider offering Pro-active Network Monitoring, Consulting Services, Installation, Troubleshooting, Deployment, Assessment, Site Survey, Sales Support and Marketing. We also provide a complete suite of software and cloud-based solutions including Webhosting and Hosting services, Cloud software-as-a-service, corporate portal, customer relation management software (CRM), billing management and others.